Principal’s Message

Learning is a matter of work and play to accomplish excellence day by day !

The school! An institution of learning is only glorious in School take a lot of interest in all the child. It is amazing to note that our students of Tulip-academic and curricular activities throughout the year.

We go beyond teaching learning process to educate students life is the biggest school and in Imperial students are formally educated to prepare themselves for life. We emphasize all round development for all students giving moral values along with the teaching of compassion & humanity, we nature them securing what is natural in them i.e. innocence, purity of heart, loving nature. We teach them a healthy attitude of looking at the things and guide them to have clear vision of future. We try to mould them to be good humanbeings apart from being good. professionals and citizens of the country. Tulip School is the most happening campus with various colourful activities to cultivate and develop good culture, literary perfection & physicalfitness.

The children of Tulip School have a marvelous time with their loving and dedicated teachers, who help them to make every moment special and unique. The aim is to help cliildren enjoy and learn through fun to encourage and tap the hidden talents, the school conducts various competitions to include music, dance, art & craft, calligraphy,recitation,speech,sports and even patriotism!! In this way they are guided throughout the session to enjoy every experience all along the road to their success!


Dec 15, 2016


sports days are held for two to three days. These include games like football, cricket, throwball, dodgeball, volleyball, track and field, basketball etc.


Dec 5, 2016


The Indian Society of Remote Sensing organised an Inter-School Painting Competition. Students secured the First and Third positions in the Painting Competition.


Dec 5, 2016


Examination preparations or studying is when students’ use strategies to increase their knowledge or to memorise information from their classes.




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